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COVID Testing



Self Pay / Non-insurance COVID Pricing:

Please remember all rates include an office visit evaluation as this is required to be seen at our facility. All FFS rates are a-la-carte, so your total visit fee will increase with each procedure/test performed or added to your visit. All rates are discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of each procedure/test.

RAPID COVID Visit: $170.00

PCR (Send-Out) COVID Visit: $175

COVID Visit including Antibody Testing: From $150.00 - $250.00

How to receive COVID-19 testing?

1. Click the link at the top of the page (Schedule a visit now!) and complete online Registration, Scheduling, and Check-in.

2. After registration is complete, you should arrive at your scheduled time and check-in from your vehicle.
(You can also notify our staff by calling 678-672-5100).