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Click below to register for a Telemedicine Visit. This link will redirect you to our Online Triage Application. 

Click here

Who can be seen via TELEMEDICINE? Anyone who would like to be seen at their home, workplace, or other places of their choosing. 

What does TELEMEDICINE include? A complete medical visit with one of our Emergency Medicine Specialized Providers via Video conference. 


How does TELEMEDICINE work at Georgia Urgent Care?

1. Click the Telemedicine Link above and complete online Registration, Scheduling, and Check-in. 

2. After registration is complete, you will be contacted when our Medical Provider On-site is ready to see you. You will be sent a link via text that will allow you to open a Video Conference. 

   Please ensure you are using a device that has access to WebCam and Video Options. If you do not have a device with these features, please inform the Front Desk by calling 678-672-5100.

   Can you still be seen via TeleMed if you do not have these features? YES. You may be asked to come in for a physical examination after you have been evaluated over the telephone. 

3. Upon finishing the visit, you will be provided with information regarding the illness you are experiencing, discharge instructions, and medication (ONLY if the Medical Provider who evaluated you prescribed it during your visit).

Please advise: ALL patients using Telemedicine MAY be required to come to the clinic for further examination.